There Is Life Beyond

Dates: 11/11/23 - 11/19/2023
Show: Austin Studio Tour, City Tour, Big Medium
Location: Dada Lab, Austin, TX
Medium: Projection mapping
Materials: Three tree chunks, lighting, and three channel video
Dimensions: 15'x15'
Credits: Production Support: Jacob Perez, Photo: Jose Lozano, Gallery Attendant: Amanda Brannin

Project Summary:
In this experimental activation, I continue my exploration with flora. The themes expressed in this showing relate to plant intelligence, the afterlife, consciousness, and sustainability. Repurposing forgotten dismembered tree trunks, I shine light on these lost limbs, and new life emerges. I find myself staring and envisioning how these trees would be thriving. By manifesting what I see as the living energy source, I feel connected to the earth. I hope to start dialogues about the drastic change in our planet's surface that we are witnessing.