Listen To Her

6/26/2021 - 06/31/2021
Imaginary Reality: Artificial Landscape, Group show
* Curated by Yi Chin Hsieh
Laundromat Art Gallery, Miami, FL
Site-specific installation, projection mapping, audio, video, 30'x30'
Credits - Visual Support: Nicolás Perilli, Production Support: Diego Vo'b, Photo: Maicol Diaz

"Imaginary Reality: Artificial Landscape" Curated by @ychsiehproject @laundromatartspaceThis was my first public install and came with many challenges. To go through the process, feel the highs and lows and learn from the set backs, made this a successful first install. I have a totally new respect for the practice. I’m more excited than ever to grow as an artist. I’ll be working harder than ever, with a much deeper intent and purpose. The future of ‘Listen To Her’ is to mature into a more focused experience that causes transformation within spirit. I envision a SuperBlue style immersive experience created to raise awareness for the Bay. As long as Biscayne Bay needs help, I will continue to be there. I serve her as she serves us.