Dates:  05/21/22
Show: Spring Exhibition, Group show, Curated by Kyle Evans
Location: DaDa Lab, Austin, TX
Medium: Site-specific installation - Projection mapping
Materials: Video
Dimensions: 12’ x 12’ x 12’
Credits: Production Support: Jacob Perez, Farangiz Yusupova, Photo: Aaron Wharton

Project Summary:  Looking up under the shade of a canopy, I see a sea of glimmering stars as if it was the night sky .'Canopy' was an experimental installation that looks deeper into the beauty of three majestic trees that hold significance. Borrowed in the digital presentation are the shapes and patterns of...1) Sorin Oak The biggest oak tree in Austin. 250-300 years old standing at 43 feet tall. 2) 'People Under the Stars' Tree Richard Troxell with House the Homeless said he began the tradition 26 years ago. He planted a tree at Lady Bird Lake to honor those who died in poverty. 3) DaDaLab Home TreeViewers were able to see the canopy of these three trees below in a new light. I'm in awe of the beautiful details that can be found within the canopy. The patterns and shapes I see can only be created by nature.I was excited to bring in tangible materials into the presentation. It's something I've been opening up my practice too in hopes to play within this gray area between physical and digital. The tree trunks in to help viewers remember the actual physical elements that these canopies are built on. A reminder to not lose the connection with the physical world. To not lose connection with nature. This is a proof of concept for a larger piece I am working towards for the Austin East/West Austin Tour. I've taken a deeper dive into studying trees. As well as all the benefits trees provide for us. Aside from the climate impacts, trees are a source for mental healing for me, and I believe, many others. What do trees provide for you? CALL TO ACTION Please check out and support these organizations that are doing amazing social and environmental work in Austin. @treefolks,