Dates:  04/20/22
Show: Plants N Prints, Commissioned, Curated by Ariel Ximenes
Location: Dougherty Arts Center, Austin, TX
Medium: Site-specific installation - Projection mapping
Materials: Audio reactive video
Dimensions: 30’ x 12’
Credits: Production Support: Jacob Perez

Project Summary:  ‘Bloom’ was presented for one night @doughertyartscenter on April 20 as a part of the Prints 'n Plants event. "Mother Earth's Plantasia (commonly referred to as simply Plantasia) is an electronic album by Mort Garson first released in 1976. The music on it was composed specifically for plants to listen to.[6] Garson used a Moog synthesizer to compose the album." Interesting and important music history behind this track. There is a particular symmetry that can be found in plants. I believe it's the same pattern that links us to earth and to each other. The install reflects and highlights this pattern. Applying effects to the videos of spring flowers, created intricate geometric patterns. The purpose of the install was to simply to show the beauty, yet complex order, found within the details of flowers. I was inspired by the spring bloom and the simple joy that one could feel when seeing the colors and shapes of flora in the day-to-day of our busy lives. It was a great reminder to stop, look and appreciate.