Dates:  08/12/22
Show: Franklinton Friday
400 Studios, Columbus, OH
Medium: Site-specific installation - Projection mapping
Materials: Video
Dimensions: 12’ x 12’ x 12’

Project Summary:  Looking up under the shade of a canopy, I see a sea of glimmering stars. As the sunlight breaks through the leaves and branches, I feel a sense of hope. An inspiration typically found in the night sky is now overshadowed by the big city lights. A reminder for us to look up and re-connect with Earth.Canopy is a new media installation that investigates the shapes and patterns of three majestic trees in Austin that hold unique significance: Sorin Oak — The biggest oak tree in Austin stands at 43 feet tall and is 250-300 years old.Homeless Memorial Tree — Richard Troxell with ‘House the Homeless’ began the tradition 26 years ago. He planted a tree at Lady Bird Lake to honor those who died in poverty. DaDa Lab Home Tree — A personal space for meditation.With light and projections, I seek to manifest the energy of these trees. I'm in awe of the beautiful details that can be found within the canopy. An intricate mosaic that can only be created by nature. This project is the spark of an exploration on what trees provide for us. Aside from the climate impacts, trees are a source of refuge and mental healing. Yet, according to the science journal Nature, approximately 42 million trees are cut down each day.As the city of Austin expands and new developments take over natural areas, what do we stand to lose?