The Light Within

05/05/23 - 06/24/23
The Land, TAC members group show
Arts Fort Worth, Dale Brock and Visiting Angels Gallery, Fort Worth, TX
Digital Sculpture, tree bark, 1-channel video, 40"x28"x15"
Credits - Photo/Video: Omar Tarique

‘The Light Within’ is a digital sculpture consisting of a salvaged piece of a tree trunk and a high-resolution 4k monitor. The concept aims to question the living nature of flora. Having a closer relationship with trees, plants, and nature, I often find myself wondering what kind of energy forces live and thrive within these organic elements. I question our human perception and senses. What if we could see through the eyes of these trees? What if we can see the heartbeat of this living entity? I dare the viewer to imagine the process of this tree being destroyed. White it’s story is forever lost, I attempt to bring it back to life digitally. Worldwide, 41 million trees are cut down every day. Would we, as a collective, care to make a change in the practices which determine the growth of our society if our technology can show us a living connection between a single tree and all of the life in its surrounding environment? This piece explores themes of the relationship between technology, nature, and how universal consciousness could be connecting all.