Ivester Contemporary, Austin, TX (forthcoming, project space)
Infinite Scroll, Ivester Contemporary, Austin, TX (forthcoming, group show)


Upwelling, ICOSA Collective, Austin, TX (curated by Madeline Irvine)
There is Life Beyond, Austin Studio Tour, DaDaLab, Austin, TX 
Symbiosis, Co-Lab Projects, Austin, TX
There Is Life Beyond, Canopy Projects, Austin, TX (solo, curated by Jonas Criscoe)
Look Listen Ask, Marlene and Spencer Hays Gallery, Fort Worth, TX (curated by Saria Almidani)
UnderCurrent, Contra Common, Bee Cave, TX
Look Listen Ask, Dougherty Arts Center, Austin, TX (commission)
The Land, Dale Brock and Visiting Angels Gallery, Fort Worth, TX


Symbiosis, One Earth Studio, Austin, TX
Peace With Earth, Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center, Austin, TX
Canopy, ICOSA Gallery, Austin, TX
Protect Life, Willow House, Terlingua, TX
Canopy, 400 Studios, Columbus, OH
Grow, Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center, Austin, TX
Canopy, One Earth Studios, Austin, TX
Bloom, Dougherty Arts Center, Austin, TX (commission)


Symbiosis, Buzzfest, BeeCave, TX (commission)
Symbiosis, DaDa Lab, Austin, TX
Still Dreaming, Wilco Workspaces, Cedar Park, TX
Dimensions, Hotel Vegas, Austin, TX
Living Conduits, Wilco Workspaces, Cedar Park, TX (commission)
Build Pyramids, DaDa Lab, Austin, TX
Listen To Her, Laundromat Art Gallery, Miami, FL (curated by Ronald Sánchez and Yi Chin Hsieh)
Listen To Her, One Earth Studios, Miami, FL


Willow House, 08/15/22 - 08/22/22, Terlingua, TX


Buzzfest Coverage, 2022, Nelda Studios, Austin, TX
Resilience Newsletter, Miami-Dade County, 2019, Miami, FL
Climate of Art, 2019, Miami, FL


Panel Discussion, 04/06/2024, Transmissions, Canopy Projects, Austin, TX
Borderless: Together Outside, 03/24/2024, Conversation about Human Relationships with Nature, Dimension Gallery Sculpture Park, Austin, TX
Keynote, 01/28/2024, Scholastic Art Awards Ceremony, St. Stephen’s Episcopal School, Austin, TX


Art, Technology, Nature Discussion, Caolab Projects, 2023, Colab Projects, Austin, TX