My awe of earth is the light that guides my creative endeavors.

As an Environmental artist, I seek answers to understand why our unsustainable values are destroying the home which provides us life.

My immersive media installations explore the human story and its impacts on the health of the earth. The aesthetic foundation of my work involves capturing the unique visual patterns, sequences, and movements visible within nature. I then use mapping software and laser projectors to harness the power of light; communicating my messages on non-traditional surfaces.

I'm passionate about playing within the gray spaces between physical and digital. I use these contemporary platforms as a way to engage, connect or interact with multiple senses of the viewer, to reach the most important one, spirit. 

My work is informed by scientific studies related to the climate themes in question. I intend to help find harmony between nature and humans. The ethos of my work is to create experiences that reconnect us back to mother earth.