Look, Listen, Ask

08/04/23 - 08/27/23
17th Annual TAC Juried Show, Group Show, Curated by Saria Almidani
Marlene and Spencer Hays Gallery, Fort Worth, TX
Site-specific installation, projection mapping, 2-channel video, 40'x20'
Credits - Photo/Video: Nick Weaver

'Look, Listen, Ask' is an immersive audio-visual experience. It consists of a multi-channel video collage that is a reflection of not only a step in my creative process but of a way of being. As my practice continues to evolve, I've found myself in the places which I consider to be sacred. Within nature, I meditate, observing the movements, colors, sounds, patterns, and connections that surround me. Being still and listening, I feel humbled. I've captured these moments over the years not realizing there was a greater purpose to them. Exploring new methods of randomized video blending oddly created contrasting themes. Observing this visual storyline, I see different elements from our planet interacting with each other, creating new worlds. It’s also a reminder of human interconnectedness with our natural environment.